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    Quality Control
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          At Karuis Group we pride ourselves on consistently providing our clients with superior high quality precision parts. Quality is always given top priority at Karuis Group. We "build the quality in" through every person, process, and piece of equipment in our factory.  

        We pay strict attention to every detail of our operation. Our process includes having the machinists check parts throughout the process flow and inspect parts as they are run. First articles are performed on all new parts and at each operation. In addition, all parts also go through a final inspection on state-of-the-art measuring equipment. 


    Quality inspecting equipments:

          Led by an Industry-Experienced QC Manager, coupled with State-of-the-Art QC equipment and facility,KARUIS consistently produces superior high quality precision parts.

          We maintain our strong track record of high supplier ratings on quality through inspecting equipments bellow: