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    Question:What are the materials KARUIS Group can process?

    Answer:We often process: a.Aluminum alloy: AU4G,A211,2024, 5052, 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075,ADC12.b. Stainless steel: 304, 304 L, 316, 410, 416, 420 F, 430F, 440C, 630 and 17 - 4PH.b. c. Carbon and alloy steel: Fe00, Q235, 40Cr, 20CrNiMo, 35CrMn, 65Mn, of GCr15, SDK11 and S136.d. Copper Alloy: H59Pb - 1, H62, C34000, C36000 and tin bronze.e. Engineering plastics: ABS, PBT, POM, PTFE- , PPS, PEI, PEEK, PA66, PP, PETP, DELR... 

    Question:Can KARUIS produce according to samples?

    Answer:Our engineers can transmit the 3D and sample provided by customers into normal production drawings, and then put into production according to professional experience of label. If necessary, we can provide tolerance projects. Customers can confirm it and change it. 

    Question:What surface treatment has KARUIS Group done?

    Answer:We have done different type of material surface treatment:a. Stainless steel: electro polishing, chemical polishing and Chromium passivation.b. Aluminum alloy: Sandblasting, anodizing,Tri-Chromium passivation, painting.c. Carbon and alloy steel: nigrescence, zinc, chromium, nickel plating, electroless nickel, phosphating. 

    Question:If customers need a high-volume production parts, how does KARUIS deal with it?

    Answer:For the production of large quantities of parts, we will apply the method of appointed person operation, appointed person detection, appointed machines, and appointed fixtures, in order to stabilize the product quality, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, to provide a more accurate delivery and good value for services to customers. 

    Question:What is the largest part KARUIS can process?

    Answer:The largest range for CNC turning is Φ500x750mm;CNC milling range is 1200x800x800mm, the largest range surface grinding processing is1000x600, cylindrical grinding &phi;200x500. 

    Question:What is the most precise tolerances that KARUIS can process?

    Answer:Shaft diameter below 6mm and maximum pore size tolerance up to +/-0.003mm, shaft diameter larger than 6mm and pore size tolerance is +/-0.005mm. Linearity below 80mm distance etc, tolerance is up to +/-0.01mm, 80mm or more distance linear tolerance is up to +/-0.03mm. Position tolerance is up to 0.05mm. 

    Question:What kind of part is KARUIS good at processing?

    Answer:KARUIS is good at producing parts of highly difficult and high precision in medium volume. 

    Question:What is the lead time of KARUIS?

    Answer:Our normal lead time of sample orders is 15 days,lead time of batch production orders is 30 days. The delivery can also be shorten after negotiation. 

    Question:Can KARUIS help with our product design?

    Answer:Of course. We have professional engineers who can design some structures and parts that are more suitable for processing without changing their own functions. This enhances you more price-efficiency advantage. 

    Question:What is the certification that KARUIS Group has passed?

    Answer:We have passed the ISO9001-2008, TS16949, ISO14001 production control system. 

    Question:How can I be confident that you will make parts as good as we need?

    Answer:We can start from making few pcs of samples for your approval first. If samples are confirmed, then we start mass production. We have an established quality system, committed to customer satisfaction and continual improvement. All our products are subjected to in-process inspections at various stages of production by well-trained and qualified operators.

    Question:What kind of shipment Karuis ship the goods?

    Answer:Air express shipment such as DHL/UPS/FEDEX is usually used for shipment of small and medium batch goods.Karuis company is a Grade A partner of DHL,UPS and Fedex.We can get around 80% discount from these cargo partners.So air shipment that arranged by us is always cheap and fast delivery.For heavy goods and quantity is large,we can ship the goods by sea.

    Question:What's shipping time?

    Answer:2-7days by air-express. 15-30 days by ocean shipping to global.