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    About Karuis Custom Metal Parts MFG

    Karuis Custom Metal Parts MFG Group is a precision CNC machining factory in China,We speciallized in CNC machining China ,CNC milling China,CNC turning China,mechanical machining China,machined parts China,precision machining China.We have invested 2 factories in precision CNC parts China manufacturing industry.Our die casting factory found in the year 1992,focus on casting moulds making and precision die casting China.Our CNC Machining factory China founded in the year 2002,Its main busineess are precision CNC milling China and precision CNC turning China.Our factories total covers area of 40,000 square meters, employs 600 people. We already Certified with ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001 system.

    Our precision CNC parts we producing include:

    · Precision CNC machining parts. 

    · Precision CNC milling parts .

    · Precision CNC turning parts.

    · Precision Die casted parts.

    · Laser cutting/Punching parts.

    The products widely be used in aerospace, RF/Wireless, medical equipments, automotive, Robots/ Industrial automationand,home appliance,electric tools and so on.

    We have 3 key advantages that make us surpass our competors:

    1. We offer a Intergraged manufacturing service of metal parts,so to save you time and energy on vender management. 

    Karuis offer a intergraged manufacturing services of metal parts.Such as CNC milling,CNC turning,sheet metal manufacturing and precision die casting.Nowdays,a lot of customers have various parts made for their machines and equipments.Maybe some parts need to be CNC machined,and some parts need to be laser cutted and CNC bended,and at the same time they have some other parts need to be die casted. Most of our competers only have a single production scope.So if you are a customer,you have to found many vendors in different area,and of different production lines to supply you parts that produced by different ways.You have to spend much time to manage different orders,communicating with different verndors,spend much money get the goods transported from different area.All these factors will keep your potential purchasing costs very high.If you choose Karuis,it will save you much time and energy on vender management,this is a important way to reduce the costs.

    2. Costs optimized. With same good quality as others,we always have a lower price than our competors.

    Based on our intergraged manufacturing ability,our professional engineers always here to optimize the production technology,and try to look for a costs optimized way producing the parts.For example, some parts are with a simple structure and not requires very high precision,Both CNC Machining and CNC punching can get it produced,in this situation,we will advise our customer choose the costs optimized way to produce the parts.  

    3. Door to door delivery under JIT terms.

    Door to door delivery means,we will delivery the goods to the door of your company,So you only need to receive and inspect the goods in your company.No need to run everywhere do the Customs clerance,pick up the goods from a long distance.JIT means just in time. 

    Karuis company is a Grade A partner of DHL,UPS and Fedex.We can get around 80%~90% discount from these cargo partners.So air shipment that arranged by us is always cheap and fast delivery.Usually our parcels to our customers in America and European only take 3 days.So we can achive a very fast delivery,but keep the costs still lower than other competors.In this way,we can proud to say,Cooperared with Karuis,we can offer same fast delivey as your local verndor,but with lower costs than other competors.

    Welcome to send us the RFQS and visit our factory in beautiful shenzhen,China.Karuis Custom Metal Parts MFG will be your reliable supplier!